Model-Slash-Coder Shatters a Dozen Tired Stereotypes

If you have preconceived notions about models being dumb and coders being nerdy white dudes, prepare to abandon them. Lyndsey Scott has modeled for brands like DKNY, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci and Prada. But she also knows Python, Objective C, and iOS, and builds apps in her spare time.

In a profile by Carmel Diamicis on Pando Daily, Scott explains that she graduated from Amherst College in 2006 with a dual-degree in computer science — and 3 years later, found herself modeling for Calvin Klein, as “the first ever African American to get an exclusive contract with the company for New York Fashion Week.”

But up until recently, while modeling, her tech background was kept secret. She tells Diamicis:

The industry makes an effort to reduce the model and, in a way, simplify things. The way they marketed me a lot of times was as younger than I am. They wouldn’t talk about my education, they wouldn’t talk about me… In a way I understand. Youth is valued more than a college education.

One of Scott’s apps — available in the Apple store — is called iPort, and it’s basically a digital portfolio for models. (She tells Business Insider she started coding in middle school!)As seen in this tongue-in-cheek video, Scott is not just smart and beautiful — she’s also got a sense of humor. She also wrote a moving Quora post about going from physically unattractive to physically attractive:

(Source: chocolavision)

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